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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
009 – Sam Peterson and Jeffrey Haughland - Invictus

Amazing Brains – 009 – Invictus

In this episode, Micah sits down with Sam Peterson and Jeffrey Haughland, Co-Founders of Invictus Project. In the show they talk about the Invictus Project, a mission to empower veterans to live more fulfilled lives by treating the root causes of traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Show Notes


  • They both received traumatic blasts while serving terms as bomb technicians in Afghanistan
    • When they got back they were told to get used to their new normal
    • Their symptoms kept getting worse and they were only given more pills, which led them to become suicidal
  • They started researching neurochemistry and neurobiology to find the root cause of their problems
  • Their goal is to make these treatments the standard of care
  • “The biggest problem in mental health is that nobody is examining the organ they treat prior to treating, they rely solely on patient reporting” – Jeffrey


  • They used their own treatments and therapy model on themselves first
  • They did Ketamine infusion therapy right at the start
  • They used TBI Therapy
  • They mention Wavi Med, a company that made a device they used to scan the brain
  • They then used hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • They also used a nasal, stem cell platelet rich plasma and insulin regimen
    • Jeff was tested before the stem cell treatment, and then tested again a month after
    • Voltage output in the brain was increased by 30%
    • Clarity, focus, emotional regulation were all improved
  • What they are really trying to do is to bring quality of life to their patients

Invictus Mission

  • They are looking to have a giant health and wellness facility with Invictus in the back
    • Healthy eating cafe, sensory deprivation float tanks, yoga facility
  • The goal is to bring people in the door who have broken brains, fix their brains on a cellular level, get them back to a healthy baseline, and input them directly into programmatic lifestyle modifications and a community of people that are trying to create better versions of themselves


  • They are always accepting donations
  • 7 states have already approved hyperbaric use for veterans
  • They recommend that if anyone is feeling suicidal, to check out the Ketamine Wellness Center in Littleton, CO
    • Ketamine is the best method for treating suicidal ideation
  • “We are truly a product out of our environment, and we can modify our environment. Our environment does not have to dictate how we feel” – Jeffrey

Final Thoughts

  • For anyone in that deep dark hole, there is hope, you’re not alone
  • “There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be willing to run toward it” – Sam
  • Don’t give up, never surrender


Invictus Project

About Sam Peterson

Sam is a former US Army Bomb Technician who has served multiple

tours in Afghanistan. He and Jeffery Haughland founded the Invictus Project in order to bring access to more effective care to patients suffering from mental illness.




About Jeffrey Haughland

Jeffrey is a former US Army Bomb Technician who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and sustained multiple injuries in the line of duty. Jeff’s drive to help others suffering from traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress comes from his experiences as a patient.