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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
008 – Dr. Tiffany Thompson - Analyzing Brain Waves with Neurotherapy

Amazing Brains –

008 – Dr. Tiffany Thompson

In this episode, Micah sits down with Dr. Tiffany Thompson, a Therapist blending neuroscience technology with the art of psychotherapy. In the show they cover the brain wave frequencies and what they represent.

Show Notes


  • Dr. Thompson says she expects to foresee the issue, but sometimes people’s issues are emotional in nature
  • Psychodynamic EEG says that there is more than what meets the eye
  • We are all familiar with the ego, the ‘me’
  • There is the personal consciousness, and then there is a collective unconscious

Brain Waves


  • When you see delta in the EEG, it’s commonly in individuals who deal with grief
  • It’s also found in individuals who are clairvoyant, a signature of the ‘wounded healer’
  • Delta is the slowest frequency
  • As a baby, we are constantly producing delta
  • As adults, we produce it in deep sleep
  • Flow is also called ‘waking delta’ or ‘waking theta’


  • We produce theta when the brain is in a state of magic or fantasy
  • Theta fuels neuro-genesis, new synaptic connections, etc
  • It’s a frequency that dominates our childhood


  • Alpha is the first frequency of consciousness, being present, being in the flow
  • “Alpha is the lining of the realms of un-consciousness and realms of egoic, conscious state.” – Tiffany
  • With enough of alpha, we are able to pull layers from our consciousness and put meaning to it


  • Beta is the ego, in terms of identity
  • In our lives in general, things are okay
    • “The what if’s’ are what drive a lot of psychological issues, and that’s an ego problem. It’s a glitch in the system, nature doesn’t throw away what works” – Tiffany
  • Moving into gamma is a way of going beyond the ‘what if’ that plagues us


  • When the brain creates gamma, its production is the expression of an individuated experience
  • The individuation process is one where your brain comes to realization
  • It may look like a moment of processing and integrating trauma to where it doesn’t traumatize you anymore

Final Thoughts

  • The wisdom lives within our DNA
  • “The god that you seek is your own heart” – Tiffany



About Dr. Tiffany Thompson

Sometimes you need something more than “talking it through” with a therapist. At the Neurofield clinic, Dr. Thompson has helped people overcome seemingly impossible problems by blending neuroscience technology with the art of psychotherapy. Neurotherapy can dramatically speed up your progress towards the life you want. Dr. Thompson runs her practice with her husband, together they train clinicians in the cutting edge field of clinically-applied neuromodulation. Their neurotherapeutic hardware, strategies & techniques have been adopted by clinicians worldwide because they are highly effective.