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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
006 - Dr. Richard Soutar - Finding a New Mind through Neurofeedback

Amazing Brains – 006 –

Dr. Richard Soutar

In today’s episode, Micah sits down with Dr. Richard Soutar, well published author. He is a thought leader, pioneer in the neurofeedback field, and CEO and founder of New Mind Technology.

Show Notes

  • During COVID, New Mind has been shifting office practices to in-home practices
    • Richard says that it took a while to get government and agencies to get it to work
  • New Mind is doing Neurofeedback training for self improvement, for meditation, for relaxation, etc
  • The way has been paved by all different pioneers


  • Neurofeedback is awesome because there is a re-wiring, and a real change
    • There is a new level of optimal functioning, new socio-emotional levels, just documentable changes
  • Richard says that his patients say that “what feels really good, is feeling really good, and being able to make things happen in my life. It feels empowering”
    • “Enhancing people’s quality of life is the real goal” – Richard
  • After a couple responses, you find ones that are better than the old ones
    • And you find the liberty in responding differently, to change your life
  • Musicians, visual artists, business people, they all find a new form of creativity


  • There is one girl who was going to commit suicide, but she changed her lifestyle, her friends, where she lived, her jobs, etc
    • Getting into a new space is a shock for some, when they are used to suffering
  • With a transcendental state that you can get to on psychedelics, you can only be in that state for so long
    • With neurofeedback, you find that space inside of you, and once you learn it and recognize it, you can revisit it often
    • People are capable of reaching these ‘high’ states, and it’s learning to recognize where those states ‘begin’ and where they ‘end’ to move within them
  • The fear of the pain, makes us cling more tightly to it
    • “You can’t break through (pain) by an act of will, you break through it by letting go” – Richard

Frequency and Waves

  • Most decisions are made in the feeling brain, not the thinking brain
  • There is a fibonacci sequence in the brain waves, and it starts with the heart
  • Theta is a great frequency to use to help tap in
  • The ‘aha’ moments that people get are little worlds you can actually train yourself to access
    • When you grasp for it, you lose it, the flow comes upon you

Final Thoughts

  • Micah says that Dr. Soutar’s YouTube channel is a wonderful resource
  • Micah says that he can make someone feel better in 3 sessions
  • Richard says meditate or get into neurofeedback, and everything else will follow


The Automatic Self: Transformation and Transcendence Through Brain-Wave Training

New Mind Youtube Channel

New Mind Training

About Dr. Richard Soutar

A pioneer in the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Soutar has published three books on the topic of neurofeedback and conducted workshops on the various aspects of neurofeedback at conferences and clinics in the U.S and Europe. He developed the first fully certified internet training course for neurofeedback. He has worked successfully with professional athletes and businessmen on peak performance as well as a wide spectrum of individuals with the traditionally labeled psychological and medical disorders. He has also pioneered a wide range of clinical screening and assessment tools for neurofeedback including, the Mini Q, The Magnitude Analysis System, The Interactive Self Inventory, and The NPC Symptoms Checklist.