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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
005 - Dr. Dale Schusterman - Balancing the Body through Frequency

Amazing Brains – 005 –

Dr. Dale Schusterman

In this episode, Micah sits down with Dr. Dale Schusterman. They talk about a breathing exercise that balances the hemispheres in your brain and balancing the body through frequency.

Show Notes


  • Dr. June Wieder, a chiropractor in California did a lot of research on using tuning forks on the spine
    • She found 12 frequencies, and each frequency resonates with 2 vertebrae
  • “Frequency is medicine” – Dr. Dale
  • Looking at heart frequency, brain frequency, gut behavior, it’s all so aligned
  • Tuning forks are readily available for people to try at home
  • Dr. Dale says that when he muscle tests people, you could bring up trauma from 9 years ago
  • Everyone needs to get reset from time to time, a good massage helps, the neuro-field is great

Breathing Technique

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
    • Use the thumb for the right nostril, and the ring/middle finger to cover the left nostril
    • You breathe back and forth, holding one nostril (left) and breathing in, and then exhaling out of the left nostril while  holding the other (right)
    • Then you rotate that pattern
    • It balances the heart to the brain, it’s a good way of centering and calming
  • Holotropic breathwork can arise emotions very quickly
    • Guides and sitters are recommended for Holotropic breathwork


  • When asking the body what is wrong, you have to be specific to produce healing
  • People are a lot more open to suggestion when they aren’t in pain

Parasympathetic Protocol

  • Dr. Dale uses it for chilling people out or helping people sleep
  • Flow has a lot to do with the parasympathetic system
  • ‘Rest and Digest’ is very parasympathetic
  • A lot of people are in a loop of not knowing an answer of when they will feel safe again, and using the parasympathetic protocol is super helpful
    “When you start bringing balance in the body, then it frees the mind” – Dr. Dale

Final Thoughts

About Dr. Dale Schusterman

Dr. Dale Schusterman graduated from the International College of Applied Kinesiology and runs his own private chiropractic practice. He is the Author of Sign Language of the Soul, A Handbook for Healing. He is a lecturer at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), and has held workshops in Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Austria, and the United States.