5 Common Mistakes in a Neurofeedback Session

5 Common Mistakes in a Neurofeedback Session

Relaxing is crucial to a good Neurofeedback session. One of the most common mistakes is people try too hard. When this happens they tend to hold tension in their shoulders and jaw which leads to a session full of frustration. Our adult clients tend to be the biggest offenders.

Life is full of distractions, whether it’s a test at school, kids at home, or a project for work, there is always something that keeps us from giving our full attention to the task at hand. Focus is key to a great session, therefore leave those distractions at the door and be fully present for 30 minutes. If this is hard DONT WORRY we are here to help!

This piggy-backs on the previous mistake–stress is nearly impossible to escape, but that’s exactly what we ask you to do when you sit down for a Neurofeedback session. Our office is a sanctuary for you to breath and totally clear your mind of the day’s stresses. Relax, focus, and have a great session!

It can be difficult to sit still, but one of the quickest ways for a session to go downhill is MOVEMENT. Once the
electrodes are in place, every movement disrupts the training of brainwaves. Think of it as static, when you move you disrupt the flow of things and are unable to see the picture clearly. I know it’s a lot to ask but sit as still and relaxed as possible for 30 minutes.

You have an early morning session and are tired from the night before, so you decide to stop at Starbucks for a venti vanilla latte, right? NO!! The caffeine and sugar overload will make it more difficult to sit still,
relax, and focus—the 3 keys to an amazing session! If you must have your coffee, please wait till after your session.