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"We've Tried Everything...."

It’s a simple statement. One we might hear from a parent frustrated by a lack of options for helping their child, or an adult struggling to maintain their sense of well-being.

Whether it’s a behavioral issue, a developmental delay, a learning disability, or an emotional imbalance, the impact of these life challenges can be overwhelming. People seeking help may be offered parenting strategies, learning plans, mental health counseling, personal coaching, or even medication. While these interventions may alleviate symptoms, they fall short of addressing the underlying issues.

Today, there is an alternative therapy that offers new hope.

Amazing Brains was founded by Nicole McGuffin MA, LPC, BCN in Golden, Colorado in 2008. Today, there are three different clinic locations within the Vail Valley, Steamboat Springs, and Frisco, Colorado.

We offer neurofeedback therapy to clients aged five to eighty-five years (and older), to tackle issues that include ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, traumatic brain injury, peak performance endurance training, and cognitive decline.

Neurofeedback is a safe, natural alternative that addresses these issues on a physiological level by retraining brain waves into balanced, healthy patterns. Based in the science of neuroplasticity and operant conditioning, its effects are lasting.


How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Work?

Neurofeedback Therapy is all about balancing brain waves for better lives. By assessing your brain's neuroplasticity, we are able to help you reorganize your thoughts and brain patterns towards a healthier state of mind.

You Have Questions - We Have Solutions

Neurofeedback is becoming more widely recognized as an instrumental therapy towards healing and training. Because of it's wide range of success stories, the industry is growing - however we know you might still have some questions regarding how NFT relates to other medical applications and procedures.

"When brain patterns change, behaviors follows."

Neurotherapy puts healing back in your own hands. Schedule a free consultation to discuss health goals for yourself or a child, and learn more about how neurofeedback can help.
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