No More Stimulants

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Living with a child with ADD or ADHD can be confusing, exhausting and very stressful. From “explaining” their behaviors to others and researching different medications and side effects of those medications it can begin to consume your entire life.


According to the Center For Disease Control, approximately 11% of children 4-17 years of age (6.4 million) have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2011. And those numbers are growing each year, the percentage of children with an ADHD diagnosis continues to increase, from 7.8% in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11.0% in 2011. The main form of treatment for children struggling with ADHD is stimulant medication, which can have serious and detrimental side effects like loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, stomachaches, or emotional issues.


There is another way and it doesn’t involve medication, it involves science and reconditioning your children’s brain. Neurofeedback therapy is a natural process that enables us to measure and view brain waves. Brain waves occur at various frequencies. Some are fast, and some are quite slow. But remember, there is no bad or good wave. But, if we have too much of one or the other, the imbalance can negatively affect us. Through Neurofeedback therapy we can help your child regulate undesirable brain activity and enhance desirable brain activity, all without medication.
Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it is! If you’re still on the fence about it, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with Nicole Mcguffin MA, LPC, BCN today and learn more about this revolutionary new treatment that’s leaving pill bottles and side effects in the rear view mirror.