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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
015 - John Peralta - Living Harder through Play, Prehab and Flow

Amazing Brains – 015 – John Peralta

In this episode, Micah sits down with Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, John Peralta. In the show they cover concepts of flow, biohacking, prehab, and using play as a form of fitness. 

Show Notes
About John
  • John met Micah at The Space, a venue in Colorado where a person can come and receive different health services like movement, music and more.
  • They talked a lot about ‘prehab’ a concept that combines the ideas of preventative medicine and rehabilitation
  • “If you’re looking to get out of pain, the best things to do are mobilize and stabilize” – John
  • John uses slacklining to build strength, stability and balance
    • Not everyone begins on the slackline, there is a progression that can lead up to being able to practice on and use a slackline
    • Standing on one leg, walking in a straight line, hop on a straight line, and lunging are all ways to build stability for slacklining without actually doing in
  • “It should feel fun, if it doesn’t feel like fun, you probably aren’t going to stick with it” – John
  • Prehab is the prevention of future injury
  • This all started from a desire to play as hard as he could without dying
  • He was learning to seek play in his workout, and stumbled upon flow states
  • If you are so engaged in an activity that you lose sense of self, time, etc, then that is play, that is flow
  • “There is no distinction between play and flow, they are the same” – John
  • Flow is what he was experiencing in his ‘play’, so he wanted to find a way to bring that into his workout
  • Bringing in the experimental process has been huge to adding more flow into his workouts
    • He believes that doing it that way, provides the most range of movement to apply to his ‘play’
  • John encourages listeners to get creative, you don’t need any expensive tools to get active
  • “The key word that makes play, productive, is adaptability” – John
  • Movement is such a key component
  • Play allows you to not take it so seriously, it gives you that sense of childlike wonder
  • If you’re struggling because your skill doesn’t meet the challenge, then begin with play
  • The moment you get out of your head, is the moment you drop into flow state
Movement as Medicine
  • “We create a level of unworthiness when we experience trauma” – John
    • Movement is finding the connection between healing trauma and hacking flow
  • Medicine can be anything that you put in your mouth
  • Medicine can look like sustenance, supplements or substances
Final Thoughts
  • This crazy life that we are living right now, is supposed to be fun
  • “If you can find a way to make life more fun and experimental, you can shift with it and adapt, and you’re going to come out of this shift, healthier, happier and a much better person” – John


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About John Peralta

Coming from Dillon, Colorado, John practices values of play and flow in fitness. John provides prehab & performance training for freestyle athletes.