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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
012 - Noel Ford - Building Better Brains through Versus and Tailored Intentions

Amazing Brains – 012 – Noel Ford

In this episode, Micah sits down with Noel Ford, CEO of Versus, a mobile, dry sensor EEG headset system. Noel is also a consultant at Tailored Intentions, which is an opportunity for her to expand how she helps people. In the show they talk about how the Versus mobile EEG system uses principles of neuroscience to help the user’s brain learn new skills. They cover many other topics on Neurofeedback, building awareness, healthy choices and more.

Show Notes


  • She started as a research assistant and worked her way to leading the company as CEO
  • Micah says “if you’re not testing you are guessing”
  • Versus is built to be an out of the box assessment


  • The concept of neurofeedback is measuring brain activity
  • The Versus uses a process called operant conditioning, the concept of what you get rewarded for you will be more likely to continue
    • It simultaneously will notify the person through sound, of the state that their brain is in
  • The Versus EEG headset down-regulates brain activity
  • “The more that you practice, and the more instant feedback you have about how you’re doing in that practice, the sooner you’re going to see the effects of that practice” – Noel

The Headset

  • Micah says he likes the Versus device based simply on where the sensors are placed
  • The headset has 19 channel QEEGs, 19 placements on the scalp
    • They looked at the protocols that they recommend to clients based on what they were finding in sessions
    • They took that info and reduced the sensor sites down to 5 main sensors, making the device easy to use from home
  • “The stories that you tell yourself throughout the day, really truly matter” – Noel
    Our thoughts impact our physiology
    A device like the Versus headset is a great way to build awareness

Food Choices

  • Eat the things that are going to make your body feel good
    • Cheeses in general are inflammatory foods, so yes, they may make you feel inflamed


Tailored Intentions Website

Versus Website

About Noel Ford

In Noel’s “day job” she gets to lead a company that is trying to bring the power of the brain to people everywhere (getversus.com). As if that was fun enough, she also helps people through traditional neurofeedback and biofeedback at SCNM (scnm.edu). She supports the development of her field by working with students/professionals seeking mentorship for certification with BCIA (bcia.org). She believes in the power of education and the use of physiological measurement to enhance people’s lives. This past year, her friends and colleagues Dan and Pam Williams gave her an amazing opportunity: a formal way to help more, more quickly through health coaching. She can now reach way more people than she could in a clinic alone and results happen fast, so client motivation stays high! Compliance is the number one challenge for any intervention (pharmaceuticals, behavior modification, cognitive approaches, etc…). Noel is a huge advocate of mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing style of communication. She has always believed that everyone has a story, everyone has their own challenges and ambitions. This is what drew her to psychology. Health coaching is an amazing opportunity to both listen and actively help people.