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Amazing Brains
Amazing Brains
002 – Joe Howdyshell - Summit Endurance Academy

Amazing Brains Podcast – 002 – Joe Howdyshell

In this episode, Micah sits down with Joe Howdyshell, coach of Summit Endurance Academy. In the show, they talk about human peak performance, and creating habits and processes around values.

Show Notes


  • Time is a crutch
    • Most people waste a lot of time
    • The average facebook user is on there for 2 hours a day
    • Get the phone out of your bedroom, it should not be the first thing you waste time on in the morning
  • Start habits that are less daunting
    • Instead of starting with an hour run a day, start with 15 minutes a day
  • We have 50,000 conscious choices to make a day
    • “If we want to make the hard choice, we have to use willpower. Habits are choices we don’t have to make anymore. We have to pick the kale over the donut so many times, that it no longer requires will power.” -Joe
  • It’s a lot easier to build on a habit than to create a new one


  • Exercise is damage, it’s the breakdown of tissue and depletion of energy stores
    • The body says “I don’t want that to damage me” and so it gets stronger, that’s how exercise works
  • Joe says his job with athletes is helping them to be very mindful of their self talk, not being super hard on themselves when they did something wrong, and recognizing the things done right
  • An athlete that doesn’t know how to take a day break from exercise, is going to have a really hard time becoming ‘faster’ because speed requires heavy on some days and full ‘down’ days
    • “The amount of training has more to do with where you are right now than where you want to be” – Joe
  • 1 out of 100 people will make money being an athlete, so the question is, why do we do it?
    • Is it about dominance? Health? Joe thinks it should be about bettering ourselves
    • It’s all about creating the correct self awareness
    • You have to do it for the right reasons


  • Joe says he likes to take athlete’s 20 values, and narrow it down to 10, then to 5, then to 3
    • It’s hard to put one value over another because they are all values, they are all good
  • Sometimes we don’t see our own faults like other people can see
    • It’s all about being extremely clear with our reflection and perception of ourselves
  • Micah says he asks himself, “am I being consumptive or productive?”

Screen Time

  • It can be really bad for some people and really great for others
  • For some, it’s a distraction, for grandma, whose family lives all over the country, may use facebook as her only means to keep in touch with her family
  • For a lot of people, it ends up being a distraction

Final Thoughts

  • “Try it” – Joe
  • He sees more people not meeting their goals because they didn’t even start



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About Joe Howdyshell

Joe Howdyshell grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming competing in cross country running, cross country skiing, and track. College found him at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he represented the Army Black Knights in cross country running, indoor track, and nordic skiing. It was here that he found his love for coaching. After leaving West Point to pursue athletic opportunities, he attended the University of Wyoming and graduated with an MS in Exercise Physiology in 2009. A professional coach since 2006, Joe founded the Summit Endurance Academy in 2013 to facilitate athletic achievement in the Colorado High Country. Joe currently lives in Breckenridge, CO, coaches full time, and enjoys crushing mountain races in jorts.