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We offer a variety of neurological services including neurocognitive testing, brain mapping (qEEQ), counseling, academic testing, biofeedback, peak performance training and much more.

Training for the Brain

Neurofeedback therapy is a natural process that uses our ability to measure your brain waves to help you regulate undesirable brain activity, and enhance desirable brain activity, without medication. Using specialized computer equipment, an amplifier, and sensors placed on the scalp, we display real-time qEEG results. These illustrate the brain activity and allow you to see what’s happening so you’re able to recondition and retrain the brain back to balance.

Much like an exercise training session for the body, neurofeedback therapy is training for the brain. Based on the strategy developed in the first steps of our therapy process, clients either engage in a video game with their mind or watch a movie while we measure strength, type, and location of activity in the brain while providing visual and audible feedback to help reach a desired brain wave pattern.


Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control your body’s functions, such as your heart rate. With biofeedback you are connected electrical sensors that help you receive information (feedback) about your body (bio). We can gain greater awareness to improve health, performance, and physiological changes that occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts emotions and behavior. With training the changes may be maintained without use of the biofeedback equipment.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a method for assessing the effects of stress on your body. HRV is measured the time gap between your heart beats that varies as you breath in and out.

Skin Temperature Training in biofeedback in applied in relaxation exercises. Like heart rate skin temperature is controlled involuntarily by your nervous system. Monitoring skin temperature supports the client to relax, reducing anxiety and stress.

Counseling & Therapy

We believe in the power of relationship, presence, consciousness, personal responsibility, awareness, growth, and mindfulness. We work with children, adults, and families. We believe in the power of neuroplasticity and creating healthy change. We help people discover living in their strength through my knowledge of the brain, creating contact, and relationship with yourself and others. Through relationship and contact we develop awareness. This is how healing begins. With our skills as therapists living in authenticity, truth and responsibility is what creates change. We are LPC, gestalt therapist, and board certified in neurotherapy.

Brain Waves

Amazing Brains provides a brain map, or a qEEG. This process is a simple, painless step to take a “photo” of the client’s brain waves. Patients will wear a non-intrusive cap and sit very still for 10 minutes, first with their eyes open, and then again with their eyes closed.

The qEEG allows us to see how the brain functions. The map it produces is how we can see what it looks like when the client is functioning at their peak and or when they’re not, and what is causing the interruption. The areas of interruption are dysregulation and where the neurofeedback therapy is focused. After about 20 therapy sessions, twice a week, we will do a remap to measure improvement and plan continued strategy.
For Doctors
Amazing Brains can provide referenced qEEGs for your clients. In addition to brain maps, we are also available for consulting and integration of neurofeedback into your patient’s health care plan.

Measurable Results

Clients currently engaged in other Amazing Brains services have access to neurocognitive testing or what’s called the CNS Vital Signs (CNSVS), a computerized test. We measure the following:
  • processing speed
  • executive function
  • social acuity
  • reasoning
  • sustained attention
  • working memory
  • simple attention
  • motor speed.
Neurofeedback therapy usually results in one standard deviation improvement across many of these test areas, depending upon which area of the brain we’re working on. CNSVS allows us to illustrate measurable results.

Results Oriented

To support clinical history and brain maps, clients may complete pre- and post-neurofeedback therapy academic tests. We use the Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT 4), which measures an individual’s ability to read words, comprehend sentences, spell, and compute solutions to math problems.

Academic testing, for example, could be used when a learning disability in math is identified by a parent in initial consultations. The issue could be confirmed by a brain map and supported by academic tests that measure the issue by grade level performance. After focusing neurofeedback therapy on that issue, the tests can be run again to see if the client’s grade level performance has improved.

For Clients

Neurofeedback can address certain components of an issue, but we realize it’s not the only aspect of a long-term health care plan. From general practitioners and mental health professionals, to teachers, nurses and more, we collaborate with the people on your team to create treatment plans individualized to your needs.

For Doctors

Amazing Brains can provide referenced qEEGs for your clients. In addition to brain maps, we are also available for consulting and integration of neurofeedback into your patient’s health care plan.


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