Is Your Brain Holding You Back?

image01This week, Vail and Beaver Creek are hosting the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The Competition will showcase 700 different athletes from over 70 different nations, making it one of the largest and most diverse ski competitions in the world. The weeklong event is not just about viewing amazing ski racing, but also about community and coming together to support and grow ski racing in the U.S. During the week there will be various concerts, events and meetups that will make your week unforgettable, be sure to check out their website for a list of activities.


One thing that will be difficult to for us to forget is the sheer physical power of the skiers. These athletes push themselves everyday and are constantly testing their body’s limits. However, research has shown that mental training is equally important. The power of Neurofeedback Therapy while training for an event like the FIS Alpine World Ski Championship is paramount. For example, Olympian athlete, Alexandre Bilodeau won the Men’s Mogul event in Vancouver with the help of neurofeedback. Biofeedback in it’s simplest form is learning how to manage your physiology or internal state. Bilodeau says, “[Biofeedback] puts yourself into a state where you can perform to the max. The most difficult thing for an athlete in any sport is to stay in the right now.” His trainer elaborates that, “Neurofeedback Therapy taught Bilodeau how to relax between runs.” Which can be integral to an athlete’s success in a competition as intense as the Olympics.

Neurofeedback therapy trains your mind to find new edges of focus, therefore progressing your game to the next level. Much of this is done through neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. The brain allows neurons to adjust in response to new situations or changes in the environment. Neurofeedback Therapy will help you regulate different brain waves and in turn, create balance. A balanced brain will give you resiliency, focus, flexibility and the extra edge when you’re at the start gate. See you on the slopes!