Who do we support?

Amazing Brains is for anyone who wants to enhance their life and performance.

We also specialize in Flow states, focus, sleep, and stress. We are involved in research in the science behind brain stimulation and peak performance.

Our mission is to support people to access the best techniques to support mental health and optimal performance without the stigma or financial barriers.

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Our recipe

1. Education:

We offer high value videos on our you

Masked family consultation

2. History & Goal Setting:

Before we start, you’ll fill out an intake form followed up by a discussion with us about your symptoms and challenges as well as your personal goals and what you would like to achieve throughout your time here at Amazing Brains.

Masked Review with Hoberman Sphere Breathing Techniques

3. Brain Map & Review:

Every client starts by getting a brain map (qEEG) that will take a comprehensive picture of your brain waves and help create an individualized protocol to recondition your brain wave activity for improvement in symptoms and to help you reach your goals.

Masked Brain Mapping client and technician

4. Regular Brain Training Sessions:

Once a treatment protocol is designed, we perform regular neuromodulation sessions using specialized computer equipment, an amplifier, and sensors placed on the scalp at your unique designated sites.

Masked Hooking up Brain Training client

5. Retesting & Results:

After about 15-20 sessions, we can do another brain map to see quantifiable results and discuss a new treatment plan if it is beneficial to continue.

Equipment with brain map on screen

With Amazing Brains

You can improve:







Stress Responses

Nervous System Regulation

Who is behind Amazing Brains?

We are a team of board-certified professionals who specialize in neuromodulation and neurofeedback (brain training) and are here to help.

Our goal is to create long-lasting changes in emotions and behaviors that help you live a more fulfilled life by reshaping your brain patterns.

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Micah Shanser Founder and CEO Amazing Brains head shot
“To say that Amazing Brains is life-changing is an understatement.”

I came here to get help with anxiety and intense stress. I’ve realized that my anxiety and stress are the results of my perception of situations and for the longest time I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was. This newfound understanding is because of the brain work I’ve been receiving. Many times throughout each day I think about how thankful I am that I’ve found them. I can’t recommend Amazing Brains enough. They’ll change your life!

Destia – Current Client

“Professional, Kind, Compassionate”

When our son was diagnosed with dyspraxia we came to Amazing Brains for help. Neurofeedback (brain training) has been a very effective tool for our son to manage his everyday life. He is retraining his brain to help him with emotional control, organizational skills, and concentration. Micah and Melanie have been amazing. They are professional, kind, compassionate, and always educating themselves on the latest therapies.

M.O – Current Client

“Positive results throughout the duration of my life.”

The relaxed attitude of Micah created an environment that made me feel comfortable to discuss private parts of my life. He gave advice that fit my lifestyle & he set realistic goals for me to attain. He understands my specific situations & presented suggestions on how to improve my physical and mental well-being. The the tools he has taught me have already improved my daily life and I am confident it will continue to provide positive results throughout the duration of my life.

Chris – Past Client