Amazing Brains Non-Profit

Amazing Brains Non-Profit allows us to allocate and raise funds to serve our communities in 3 focused ways:

+ Destigmatize mental health
+ Improve people’s understanding of their own nervous system function.
+ Provide diverse tools and resources to assist in nervous system regulation

+ Provide equitable access to cutting edge technologies for members of our community.
+ Help improve sleep, mood, focus, energy and motivation across diverse populations
+ Support those who are in need of support in their healing, recovery, and

Research & Development:

+ Collect and publish data on the validity of the processes we use.
+ Contribute to the academic conversation around neuromodulation
+ Develop and implement new strategies, data pipelines, and technology to serve communities with more efficacy


Interested in learning how we’re improving, changing, and growing? Reach out to us to hear about our new coursework, technologies, scholarships, and opportunities to donate!

Check back for fundraising events hosted by Amazing Brains. Opportunities to meet our team, learn how to incorporate flow into your life, network with community members and support a great cause.