A Neuralistic approach to trauma healing

Trauma based symptoms can result from many kinds of acute or chronic stressful events that are relationally or environmentally based. When trauma has occurred, it is not uncommon within many cultures to dismiss or minimize symptoms that may arise. However, for individuals effected it can have serious and long-lasting effects even after your body has healed physically.

Post-traumatic symptoms are resultant of an extended stress response where there is significant shock to our nervous system and perceived threat to survival, which is not uncommon of major and even some minor accidents. Symptoms often include some combination of the following: headaches, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, irritability, anxiety, depression, digestive or sleep issues among others. Getting help while struggling with these symptoms can be difficult, but there is large network of health professionals who have been certified to help people successfully move through their body’s trauma response.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is one of these methods. As a dynamic neuralistic approach to body-based trauma resolution and healing SE also gives people tools for working through and simplifying future trauma responses.

In addition to providing Neurofeedback we offer SE to support clients on a more comprehensive and holistic path of recovery.