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Amazing Brains:
Tune into your brain, Tune up your life

Feel like you’re caught in a trap of perfectionism? Stressed out and spending way too much time and energy striving for more? Feel like no matter how hard you try, it’s never enough? You’re not alone.

Life is messy and full of imperfections. Fortunately, being your best self is not dependent on life being perfect, it’s all about what YOU can control. That’s where we come in.

Better Brain Performance Leads to a Better You

It all begins with taking charge of your physiology. Our team of brain and human performance experts uses advanced neuromodulation technology to equip you with personalized cognitive training tools to RESET AND REWIRE your brain. Through our cutting-edge, scientifically-validated program, you will train your brain to shift emotional and behavioral patterns to keep it running more efficiently, effectively, and cohesively for long-term positive change.

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Experience the Life-Changing Results of Brain Training:

  • Find a deep sense of calm by optimizing sleep, relaxation, and recovery
  • Achieve balance physically, mentally, and cognitively
  • Supercharge your energy with on-demand focus, clarity, and fun
  • Effortlessly access flow states to hit and maintain consistent peak performance

Reclaim Your Life by Rewiring Your Brain

Ready to eliminate self-sabotaging mental and emotional hurdles holding you back from achieving your goals and your dream life? Success, fulfilling relationships, and overall well-being are all within your reach. With the help of our team of neuro-experts, we’ll help you flip the switch on your brain to unleash your full potential. Sure, it’s going to require a lot of hard work and mental discipline, but if you’re committed to personal growth and have the drive for continuous improvement, you’re already one step closer to becoming the person you want to be.

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Our Partners: Building a Collaborative Advantage

At Amazing Brains, we believe there is power in collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered with several universities and research institutes across the country. Our combined expertise contributes to the scientific advancement of neuroscience research and unified understanding of nervous system health. We work toward achieving tangible results by translating academic research into clinical practice and technology for the benefit of improving lives.

We are also committed to expanding our ecosystem across public and private sectors. In our pursuit to elevate the effectiveness of human performance for advanced military readiness, we’ve teamed up with the U.S. Air Force Weapons School. Our coined ASTRO (Aerospace Threat Reduction and Optimization) program encompasses two main goals: (1) to quantify and analyze performance in and out of the cockpit; and (2) equip pilots with an actionable tool kit to access peak performance on-demand driving better outcomes for enhanced long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

We are thrilled by what we are accomplishing at Amazing Brains and look forward to announcing more great developments in the future.

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Be Part of Positive Change

While we continue to make some outstanding progress in our academic collaborations and research on nervous system health, we depend on the procurement of grants and the support and advocacy of people like you. Your gift helps bring us closer to important scientific discoveries that broaden the scope of our understanding of neural activity and cognitive function. Interested in donating or learning more?

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You can improve:

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Who is behind Amazing Brains?

We are a team of expert neuroscientists, doctors, and board-certified professionals specializing in neuromodulation and neurofeedback (brain training) with a passion for flow, peak performance, and higher states of consciousness. We are committed to developing cutting-edge technology and pipelines to promote the advancement of neuroscience and human performance. Our goal is to create long-lasting emotions and behaviors by reshaping your brain patterns to help you get “un-stuck” and live a more fulfilled life.

Our goal is to create long-lasting changes in emotions and behaviors that help you live a more fulfilled life by reshaping your brain patterns.

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Our Clients

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What people have to say about us

“To say that Amazing Brains is life-changing is an understatement.”

I came here to get help with anxiety and intense stress. I’ve realized that my anxiety and stress are the results of my perception of situations and for the longest time I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was. This newfound understanding is because of the brain work I’ve been receiving. Many times throughout each day I think about how thankful I am that I’ve found them. I can’t recommend Amazing Brains enough. They’ll change your life!

Destia – Current Client

“Professional, Kind, Compassionate”

When our son was diagnosed with dyspraxia we came to Amazing Brains for help. Neurofeedback (brain training) has been a very effective tool for our son to manage his everyday life. He is retraining his brain to help him with emotional control, organizational skills, and concentration. Micah and Melanie have been amazing. They are professional, kind, compassionate, and always educating themselves on the latest therapies.

M.O – Current Client

“Positive results throughout the duration of my life.”

The relaxed attitude of Micah created an environment that made me feel comfortable to discuss private parts of my life. He gave advice that fit my lifestyle and set realistic goals for me to attain. He understood my specific situations and presented suggestions on how to improve my physical and mental well-being. The tools he taught me have already improved my daily life and I am confident they will continue to provide positive results throughout my life.

Chris – Past Client